We like getting phone calls at 7:00pm on a Friday night. Means our efforts in Adwords and organic SEO are working. Thanks for making things so simple right out of the box.

~Brad Woodall

Real Estate Investor Websites

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Direct mail is just not producing like it used to.

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I know. I'm not getting enough leads.

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I hear you!

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Sooooo tired of chasing MLS Deals.

Experience better leads with a high converting real estate investor website. Watch the video to find out how.

Everything You Need

What you get with your SEO-optimized, Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Investor Website

  • Create area landing pages within seconds.
  • Simple backend CRM to manage leads.
  • Webhooks to save leads to Podio and other CRMs.
  • One-click Wordpress blog install.
  • LeadPropeller SEO plugin for your blog.
  • Top-notch training.
  • Fast and knowledgeable phone support.
  • No contracts. Cancel anytime.
  • Keep your site fresh with Content Packs (additional cost).
  • Managed SEO services (additional cost).
  • Managed Pay Per Click services (additional cost).

What Others Are Saying

Online Leads
Are Better Leads

Motivated sellers are actively searching online for someone to buy their home. Contrast this with the typical shotgun approach of direct mail, where you mostly reach people who could not care less about the service you offer.

Real Estate Investor Website
Inbound Marketing

  • Customer Centric
  • Sellers Are Looking For You
  • Motivated Sellers
  • Ready to Sell

Traditional Direct Mail
Outbound Marketing

  • Marketer Centric
  • You Are Looking For Sellers
  • Unmotivated Homeowners
  • Not Ready to Sell

Why Choose
Lead Propeller

Over a thousand real estate investors have trusted Lead Propeller with their online lead generation. Find out why.

Lead Propeller Innovations

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Ease of Use

Tech and Services

Tech and Services

We are constantly innovating Lead Propeller because we use Lead Propeller every day in our own house flipping business.

Danny Johnson
Founder of Lead Propeller

Crush Your Competition.

He who is first, wins!

Be the first to talk to the motivated seller by getting a text message as soon as they submit their information to your website. This will allow you to call them before they go to other websites. Get this huge advantage with LeadPropeller.

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Packages For Any Stage
Of Your Flipping Business

How many leads
can you handle?

If you have more time than money, then a Lead Propeller website and our free guides on site promotion and ranking are perfect for you. However, if you'd rather automate everything, choose a package with managed pay-per-click advertising and SEO for a long term strategy.


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